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If You’re Going To Say You’re Too Broke To Pay Child Support, Don’t Pose On Facebook Holding Wads Of Cash


Being a deadbeat dad is tough. With all the effort you have to invest in hiding from your baby’s mama, your baby and the law, when are you going to find time to pose for photos of you holding giant stacks of cash to post on Facebook?

Somehow, Christopher Robinson found the time.

The Milwaukee man who hadn’t made a single child support payment in the two years since his kid was born had his spot blown up when the DA went to his Facebook account.

Beyond the image seen above, authorities were also able to glean that not only did Robinson have a job, he was earning so much he, as Gawker reported, “had recently boasted about being about to afford a motorcycle.”

“[Facebook is] a great investigative tool for us,” said Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern, “because it gives us a glimpse into their real lives that our targets may be living.”

You know what they say: more money, more problems.

What they should say is: more money, why not use it to pay your child support?

via Gawker

COED Writer