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President Obama’s NCAA Bracket Is Awful


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I don’t like to get into politics. I’m a registered Green Party member anyway, so what the hell do I know. But I’ll call ’em how I see ’em. And sticking with the theme of his second term, President Barack Obama has once again failed to show strong leadership, this time in picking his NCAA March Madness bracket.

Seriously, Mr. President? You only have one upset in your Sweet Sixteen… and it’s 5-seed Wisconsin. Hardly a revelatory selection.

Why do politicians always have to please everyone? Barack says he knows basketball, but then plays his bracket safer than the old woman who runs your HR department.

Take a risk, Obama! This is your second term! Do you really think it’s going to hurt Democrats in 2016 if you have Saint Louis going down in their first game? I was just in St. Louis. No one even lives there! That city is like a ghost town.

And talk about unwillingness to commit. The biggest upset the president chose doesn’t even have a team locked in yet! He chose the winner of Boise State/LaSalle to upset Kansas State, despite the fact that we don’t even know which team is playing Kansas State. I guess he figured he could please two sets of constituents with one pick. Those politicos… always crunching the poll numbers.

Let’s look at his unwillingness to make bold choices: President Obama didn’t pick a single 12 seed to upset a 5 seed despite the fact that at least one of these upsets has happened 22 of the past 24 years. In fact, he only picked 7 upsets before the round of 16 — and that includes picking 9-seed Missouri and his prediction that Wisconsin will defeat the unnamed winner of Boise State/LaSalle.

Look, I don’t need my presidents to go storming into Iraq for no good reason: we’ve seen the folly in those ways. But come on, picking a 7 seed to slip into the Elite Eight isn’t like picking whether or not to bomb Iran. (Side note: Please don’t bomb Iran.)

Louisville vs. Indiana in the finals is not a bold decision, Mr. President. I expect more out of the man who gave us Obamacare.

via ESPN

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