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Drink Down The Craziest Fight Videos From St. Patrick’s Day 2013


If you’re a fan of drunken fight videos, then St. Patrick’s Day is your Christmas. Here are some of the best fight videos we’ve come across so far. We’ll be regularly updating this post throughout the day (because we love watching these as much as you do) , so make sure to keep checking back here.

This Albany, NY brawl might be the most popular one on the web right now. It’s just unfortunate that the kid doing all the filming and yelling “Turnip” didn’t get sucker punched.

This fight between one kid and three cops at the “Shamrock the Block” is the perfect definition for why Virginia Beach wound up on our list of Trashiest Spring Break Destinations. But to give credit where credit’s due, that kid in the white shirt was flat out manhandling the policeman/policewoman combo. If fauxhawk hadn’t stepped in, this might have been a different outcome.

I’m not sure how strong the first pusher is but it looks like he sent that kid back 20 feet. Leave the tumbling for the floor mat.

Pittsburg PD FTW! In my opinion, this is the second best fight video of the day for the sole reason that the cop pulls out and wields his taser gun like he’s a gangbanger from South Central.

Gotta give it up for the chick fights.

Even 15-year-olds are getting in on the action.

This is what happens when you tell a drunk person it’s too late to have a McGriddle.

Why is this video being recorded at such a low angle? Was the guy hoping for an upskirt or two?

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