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The Best St. Patrick’s Day Cinnamon Challenge Attempt Ever [VIDEO]


What does it take to be ahead of the YouTube pack in this hilarious choking ritual?

It helps to be a twelve year-old with more confidence than the Hell’s Angels and more charisma than most dictators. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, tons of people put a spoonful of cinnamon in their mouths and attempt to swallow. It’s pretty much impossible to do, so most of them end up painfully coughing up a cinnamon cloud. However, this kid, Gavin, or “gtidog,” provides such a cocky build-up to the actual attempt that you can’t help but be reminded of Apollo Creed’s entrance to his ill-fated fight with Ivan Drago. The difference is that Apollo dies in the fight, while Gavin fails but still manages to demand that you subscribe to his channel.

Here at COED, we appreciate that kind of overconfidence, seeing how all our bloggers shart every time they think they can sneak a fart in the office.

By the way, you should subscribe to this kid’s channel… he’s kind of ridiculous.

via YouTube

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