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Street Performer Finally Does Something Cool: Punches A Guy In The Face [VIDEO]


Want your family and friends to disown you? Just tell them you’re going to be a street performer.

It’s the lowest of low when it comes to professions. It’s like, Making a living as a performer is hard so I will just do it on the street where people might feel bad for me and toss coins in my direction. That is the thought process that leads you to become a professional busker. (“Busker” is the official word for a street performer. If you didn’t know that, don’t feel alone. It’s because no one ever wants to talk about street performers.)

But just because a job sucks doesn’t mean that a job is easy. Quite the contrary. Street performers constantly take flak from assholes like me.

All that rage can build and build, so if you ever meet a busker face-to-face (if you don’t want to meet buskers face-to-face stay in your car and away from anywhere referred to as a “promenade”), you better be nice, because that rage can be unfurled at anytime.

As this asshole learned, when it does unfurl, it may unfurl right in your face.

Good on you, street performer. Get yours.

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