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NFL Athlete Could Face Jail Time for Trying to Cheat $5 From a Casino


A safety for the Denver Broncos who makes over $500,000 a year could go to jail for trying to rig a game of craps that wouldn’t even cover the cost of a buffet in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Quinton Carter was arrested last Saturday at the Texas Station casino after security officials caught the player trying to cheat at a game of craps by sneaking more money into his bets.

If you think that’s cheap for a guy who made $555,000 before his signing bonus, just wait until you hear how much he tried to scheme out of the casino. Officials told police that they caught Cater on camera trying to sneak three $5 chips into his bet after the player had rolled the dice on the table. Now he could face a felony prison sentence of one to six years. The good news is that $15 will buy you a ton of cigarettes on the prison market.

Carter also has another warrant for failing to complete his court ordered counseling stemming from a 2011 misdemeanor conviction for marijuana possession. So in his defense, he might seem cheap but the price of Funyuns has really shot up since onion futures on the stock market took a nose dive.

via Deadspin

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