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Drunk Man Falls Asleep In French Fries, Is Awoken By Police, Resumes Eating French Fries [VIDEO]


Engaging in criminal activity is hard work. While you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to see if the police are after you, it can be tough to remember to do things like eat or sleep.

Well, according to Fox 19 News, this man tried to catch up on both at the same time, which is a definite no-no.

That’s when the police are most likely to catch you: when you’re using your plate of food as a pillow at an otherwise respectable fast food chain. Or at a Hardee’s.

Here’s the full story:

Restaurant staff at the Hardee’s on Hickory Avenue in Cookeville, TN, called police after Bratten Hale Cook III, 32, fell asleep with his face planted in a plate of french fries and ketchup.

Workers said Cook been passed out for about an hour.

Police said when they woke up Cook, he was so drunk he started eating his fries and didn’t acknowledge the officers.

Officers took Cook outside the restaurant and charged him with public intoxication.

So, now, let’s review that original title: Drunk Man Falls Asleep in French Fries, Is Awoken by Police, Resumes Eating French Fries… What do you think happened next??

Cook received even more charges after police searched him and found marijuana and prescription pills in his pockets.

If you guessed, Police Arrest Him for Drug Possession, you know Tennessee!

via Videogum

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