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‘Colourful S***’ Shows What Poops Look Like After Eating Specific Foods [PHOTOS]


File this one under “proof that art can be awesome.”

We all have drank a little too much red wine and woken up the next morning with a red-hued dump. Or seen how corn can make its way through our digestive track somehow untouched.

Well artist (and I’m definitely using that word properly in this case) Gabriel Morais had a brilliant idea for a photo series: before and after poop shots — a project he calls “Colourful Sh*t.”

As he described it in his own words, “The idea behind this project, is to show how much the food we ingest affects our body,
therefore the colour of each poop was not manipulated on photoshop.”

What you’ll see in the gallery below is the results of 3.5kg of Froot Loops eaten in 30 hour, 4.5kg of beet root eaten in 36 hours. and 4kg of sweet corn in 36 hours.

Next up, I’d like him to eat nothing be Skittles for 2 days to see if he’ll “poop the rainbow.”

WARNING: Pics of human poop in the gallery!

via Laughing Squid

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