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9 Athletes Who Fell From Grace


Admit it: You kind of enjoy watching athletes with million-dollar paychecks fumble a game winning pass that cost their team a major win or a blinded left fielder appear to try and catch an easy fly ball with his face. It’s all part of the beauty of sports. We’re not just there to revel in victory and celebrate the majesty of good sportsmanship. We’re also there to watch overpaid man-children fail spectacularly purely for the sake of enjoying failure because they have already have $30 million reasons not to sweat it.

Some falls, however, hurt more than others and even the most jaded bastard has to wince and feel sorry for the guy. The worst part is that these falls don’t take place on a football field, a baseball diamond or a sheet of bloodied rink ice and the consequences are far more painful and debilitating than a simple compound fracture or ruptured organ.

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