YouTube Weirdos Cover Justin Timberlake/Kanye Beef [VIDEO]

The democracy that is YouTube allows for instant coverage of breaking news by…anybody.

Including the weirdo dbags at AskaGangsta. What actually happened last night on SNL? White preppy-cool pop star Justin Timberlake finally got in a dis on black preppy-cool pop star Kanye West in return for Kanye’s rant about how much he hated JT’s “Suit and Tie” song. Neither one was really that offensive to the other, mainly because they’re rich pop stars who don’t know what real pain is, so they don’t know what real attacks are. JT simply referred to “rappers acting dramatic” and everyone went nuts because coming from the Soft White Michael Jackson, that was like seven hand grenades.

But AskaGangsta still took Kanye’s side and turned JT into a Justin Bieber block of cheese or something. And that’s because AskaGangsta is Gangsta! And has no ability to love a woman with any sort of tenderness.

via YouTube

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