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Anyone Without A Digital Camera Is A Child Pornographer


If you still need to go to a place like Walmart to have your photos developed, the odds are good that you’re a creep.

According to Yahoo! News, Lisa and Anthony Demaree had Walmart develop their photos. That’s creepy, right? Oh yeah, and those pictures included naked pictures of their three young daughters, which Walmart employees immediately turned over to the police, who had Child Protective Services take the kids away from the parents, who also own several pagers and laser disc players.

The parents got their kids back using the old “our young children look adorable naked” argument, and now they’re trying to sue Walmart and the local police. Whatever. F–k them. More importantly, this should be the heart of every smart phone and digital camera manufacturer’s ad campaigns from now on: “With digital photography, you can take all the perv pictures of your kids you want and never lose them to the authorities.”

Look for that from Apple at Superbowl 2014.

via Yahoo!

  • COED Writer