Norwegian Teacher Finds Fun, Interactive Way To Teach Children How To Drink Her Blood

Teachers don’t have the resources they used to when it comes to educating the youth of the world. Just about every corner of the globe is in some kind of growing money pit and everyone is calling for across the board budget cuts and education usually gets the first axe because the people calling for them clearly didn’t get a good education themselves. [lead image via ]

An unidentified teacher, however, found a novel way to teach her students about science, biology and what not to do if any of them ever decide to become a teacher, according to Reuters.

The teacher brought in a vial of her own blood for a class demonstration that she had extracted earlier that morning. She showed her to a classroom of 3 to 6-year-old children by pouring it onto a plate and allowed them to touch it. When they asked how they were supposed to clean their blood stained fingers, “she put her finger in her mouth and the children followed suit,” according to the school’s head kindergarten teacher.

The truly sick part is that students eating their teacher’s blood is actually a step up for society since teachers usually get fired for sleeping with their students.

via Niagara Falls Review

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