Fight Night Friday: Justin Bieber vs. Ronaldo Balkman [VIDEOS + POLL]

Ronaldo Balkman vs. Arwind Santos

In this corner, weighing at 100 pounds more than the entire other team, we have former NBA first-round draft pick Ronaldo Balkman choking his Phillipino Basketball Association teammate Arwind Santos.

Justin Bieber vs. Paparrazi

In this corner, weighing at however much hair gel is currently on his perfectly styled head, is Justin Bieber trying to fight some British paparazzi.

I’m not sure this is a feature we can keep going each week but today we had not one, but two b*tches trying to get into a fight. I’d like to ask the readers who would win in a straight up fight but unfortunately Arwind Santos and Justin Bieber are the only two people on the planet Balkman could fight.

Instead, I’m posing this matchup to the readers. Both guys got held up. Both guys didn’t stand a chance.

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