Pennsylvania Councilman Uses City’s Emergency Alert System To Pull Off Douchiest Prank in History

Politicians abuse the power of their office for their personal gain all the time but even the dumbest of the bunch knows that if they’re going to stoop that low, it better be for something awesome like an actual truckload of money delivered to their bank with a municipal dump truck. Or, the creation of a Swedish supermodel militia.

Matt Staniszewski, a Washington, Pennsylvania city councilman, used his office access to do something that even a fourth grader would think is a waste of time. He sent out a public email alert through the city’s transit emergency alert system about an old college buddy that read “This is an alert. Bryan is gay.”

The alert was originally written as a test message but it accidentally went out as a real alert to area subscribers. The only thing more hilarious is how Staniszewski tried to weasel out of his mistake. Rather than just own up to a simple boo-boo, he actually tried to make people believe that his use of the word “gay” could have referred to its other definition by saying “We all know that the word means happy.” The only way it could have been more hilarious is if he released his response through the emergency email alert system.

There’s also an interesting coincidence lying just beneath the surface of this story. Staniszewski also serves on the board of directors for the company that won the city’s contract to provide the transit emergency alert system. Of course, his little stunt has earned him a possible investigation for conflict of interest. I’ll bet he’s not feeling so “gay” right now.

via Gawker

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