Drunk Woman Tries To Flee Police In World’s Most Hilarious Getaway Car

We all know that drinking and driving is never a smart choice. It’s a selfish, stupid thing to do that can destroy lives in ways your whiskey soaked brain can’t imagine.

Even if you manage to operate a vehicle without crashing into a gasoline truck or plowing into the living room of a house that you thought was a drive-thru restaurant, you’re bound to do something really stupid. One woman managed to do both when she found herself facing a possible DUI following a car accident.

Jamie Craft of Arkansas, a state that measures time by counting their drunk driving incidents, crashed her car into a mobile home with a blood alcohol level of .217. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured and no one was home at the time but she panicked and tried to flee the scene in the nearest getaway vehicle: a Power Wheels toy truck.

Her embarrassment didn’t end there. Police caught up to her (because police drive real, grown-up cars) and discovered she also wasn’t wearing any pants. We’re not sure exactly what kind of punishment she could face in Arkansas, but the judge should show her some leniency for making us laugh.

via FilmDrunk / source KTLA

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