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Pitcher Makes Baseball Interesting By Turning It Into a Contact Sport


Baseball might be one of America’s most storied sports but it’s also one of its slowest. Sure it has some high octane moments when a catcher tries to block a run at home plate or a batter takes a bean ball to the noggin. However, the most violent moments in baseball usually happen when a player’s illegal testosterone treatment kicks in at an exclusive club and causes them to turn the place into their personal punching bag.

A Division III college baseball team, however, may have found the very kind of violence that would make the most jaded sports fan maintain their attention span for more than 10 seconds.

The breakthrough in gratuitousness occurred during a recent game between Berry College and Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. A wild pitch flies across the plate and sends the catcher scrambling away to get a hold of it. The man on third base (who isn’t identified but just for fun, let’s call him “I. Dunno”) sees a chance to steal home. The pitcher realizes he’s given up a run so rather than wait for the catcher to throw the ball back to him, he heads for home plate and knocks “I. Dunno” flat on his butt. Both teams clear the dugout and a fight almost starts but the umpire and coaches stop it just in time because a massive, bench clearing brawl would increase baseball’s interestingness.

The most amazing part is that Berry College, the pitcher’s team, actually came back from a 7-2 deficit at the time of the incident to win the game with a score of 9-7. Hopefully, the MLB will take notice of this eye-catching moment in their otherwise dull sport and allowing cross-checking to become a permanent part of baseball.

via Deadspin

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