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‘Fat Batman’ Conducts Citizen’s Arrest In England


Never let little things like the fact that you’re obese and superheros aren’t real come between you and your dream of being a real life Batman.

According to the Metro UK, “A man is due in court charged with handling stolen goods after the unknown vigilante – who was wearing the traditional superhero mask, body armour and cape – walked into a local police station and handed him over.”

Unlike the “real” (aka “fictional”) Batman, the identity of this Batman is still a mystery — but something makes me guess it isn’t a wealthy business owner. Unless his business is owner of the local pub.

Police released the image above and the ones in the gallery below hoping someone might identify the mysterious crime fighter. So far I’m guessing they’ve gotten plenty of tips saying that “I think that’s my mate’s unemployed dad.”

via HyperVocal

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