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Christian Bale Isn’t Done Butchering Batman’s Lines Thanks To The Justice League Movie


Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman saga did something that no one thought could be done with a comic book: it actually pleased the comic book fans.

The trilogy may have strayed from the superhero’s story here and there but it managed to stick to the character’s core principals and personality in a way that made it just as enjoyable to the comic book sticklers as to general audiences. Most importantly, they had depth, heart and soul. They were about something other than just being a loud remake of something iconic that mindlessly amuses audiences by reminding them how young they once were only to return to reality and their own mortality as depressed sacks of walking nostalgia.

If you’re a fan of the Christopher Nolan-Christian Bale “Batman” trilogy, here’s some more good news: They may not be done with the franchise yet. Collider reported a rumor that Nolan may team up with Bale as Batman again, this time as a producer for the new Justice League film. Another big screen comic book director Zack Synder, the man behind movies such as “300” and “Watchmen,” wants to direct it.

That loud screeching noise you just heard was the collective girlish screams of a million DC comic book fans having a joygasm.

via Collider

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