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Leno’s Retiring Soon, But Can We Also Retire The Entire “White Guy In A Suit Late Night Variety Show” Genre [PHOTOS]


Jay Leno hasn’t been funny in at least fifteen years. Maybe twenty.

Pretty much since he stole Letterman’s rightful spot replacing Johnny Carson for the Tonight Show back in 1992, he’s been funny to our grandparents, and maybe some really sad people in halfway houses. Now he finally might be retiring for real. Conan was supposed to take his 11:30 spot, but then Leno got greedy and took it back. Jimmy Kimmel called Leno out and made him look foolish. Kimmel’s cool like that. But all of them, and everyone who’s hosted a late night variety show on a major network, has been a white guy in a suit. It’s getting played out. Even CNN at least found a rich white gay male anchor to host their big show.

We definitely believe in the best man or woman for the job, but the thing is, the late night variety show itself is pretty stale. White guys aren’t the only ones capable of doing the job. You could put a tangerine behind the desk, give it a coffee mug with its name on it, and let it interview celebrities on to plug their movies, and it will probably have more humanity than Jimmy Fallon. When you think about them separately, it doesn’t seem like a lot of whitey, but here’s pictures of all the late night hosts on CBS, NBC, and ABC in the last thirty years. It’s honky heaven on the airwaves.

via NY Daily News

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