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Learn From This Dude: He Built A Taser Sword [VIDEO]


Remember when you were in Chemistry class in high school and you asked your teacher when you would ever need to use this s–t in your daily life?

Well, this guy should have been your chemistry teacher. And ours. We need to clone this dude and build a time machine so we can go back to high school so we can take his class and learn how to build f–kin’ TASER SWORDS!

Maybe he isn’t good at chem; he might just be nasty with electronics. Either way, this dude is badass, and we can all learn from him and the spirit of tinkering. The next badass invention could be his, but it could be yours. By next March, we expect to see tasers attached to guns, taser bow and arrows, and taser chain maces. Get on it people!

via YouTube

COED Writer