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Are These The Coolest Toddlers Of All Time? [VIDEO]


Dear lord, either these kids will grow up to be the most badass rock stars the world has ever known, or they’ll kill themselves in their teens after going on the most horrific shooting spree the world has ever known.

Dear these kids’ parents, we really can’t figure out whether you’re geniuses or ass hats for teaching your three year-olds to rock out to Korn. While no one except meth heads and a few former-emo 32 year-olds listens to Korn anymore – and you taught them the worst of their hits – there’s a subtle genius to your pick.

Part of what made Korn become so cheesy so quickly was the impression Jonathan Davis gave of not being a truly sincere damaged metal head. He growled as good as the dude from Sepultura, a truly badass metal band if there ever was one. He had the dreads, like some of the guys from Sepultura, Sevendust, and Bad Brains. But his lyrics and some of his performance moves made him kind of a big baby, or an overgrown toddler. So maybe these parents knew that and were just trying to take Jonathan Davis down a peg or two with this video. Either way, big ups to Buzzfeed for alerting us to this today.

via BuzzFeed

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