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Kate Upton Has Some Advice For Curvy Women [PHOTO]


Kate Upton wants curvy chicks to wear string bikinis.

That’s one piece of advice she gave in this interview. We also learned that she has to work out and eat healthy to keep that figure, and that she can’t even have one week of “splurging.” This is a terrible thought, people. We like her because she’s curvy. Yeah, she has a flat stomach, but it will never be a six-pack. She looks like a Viking chick who does just the right amount of yoga. But the second she has a nervous breakdown, she’ll Frito her figure away until she looks like a haggard Anna Nicole Smith.

As citizens of a world that likes to see Kate Upton the way she is, let’s, umm, be nice to her if we ever see her. Each mean comment means another Twinkie in her mouth. And no, not your Twinkie.

via Shine!

  • COED Writer