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You Can Finally Schedule Your Fake Sick Day Emails With Boomerang For Gmail


While there’s still currently no workaround for backdating an email (Professor, I swear I sent it to you yesterday. Check your emails again.), a Gmail plug-in for Chrome and Firefox called Boomerang can allow you to at least schedule emails to be sent at a later time/date.

Let’s put this to use in a practical sense:

You’re drunk, arrive home way later than you wanted, and decide you want to take a sick day tomorrow. Instead of waking up with a bad headache and composing a quick “I’m sick” email, you can write it while you’re still awake and schedule the email to be sent at 7:38. Now you can get some rest worry-free. Just make sure to double-check what you write. Boomerang does not currently support proofreading for drunk grammar or spelling.

via Laughing Squid

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