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McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets’ Shapes Have Specific Names


Who knew so much science went into the Chicken McNugget?

All these years I figured Ronald McDonald just threw whole chickens into a blender and breaded and fried whatever came out the other end.

But the good folks over at Business Insider wanted to get to the bottom of the Chicken McNugget. So they went to McDonald’s headquarters to figure out what the deal is with these chicken bites.

What they discovered is life changing: the shape of McNuggets isn’t random. There are actually four specific shapes and each shape even has it’s own name: the Bone, the Boot, the Ball and the Bell.

What is still a mystery, however, is why don’t they make all the pieces the Boot. That’s clearly the best shape.

Also still a mystery, what part of the chicken do nuggets come from??

image via Business Insider

COED Writer