Tanks Are Becoming The New Hummer (No, Really)

The Hummer used to be the car of choice for the rich, self centered douchebag who doesn’t give a f**k about their fellow drivers, the environment or any sense of dignity. They’ve fallen out of favor since oil and gas prices saw huge increases and a failed bid from a Chinese car company quickly killed off any chance it had of becoming a long lasting car brand.

Now that the Hummer is falling off the market, car collectors who love owning vehicles that make their fellow drivers fear for their lives have turned to another massive mode of transportation: tanks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US has around 1,000 private citizens who own one or more tanks. They purchase the decommissioned military vehicles through “tank brokers,” quite possibly the coolest job title to appear on a business card since “sexual studies subject.”

Of course, these military vehicles aren’t street legal so they mainly use them for recreational racing and driving on private property and some still have operational weapons on them. Tank owners who want a true working tank have to obtain a “Destructive Device” permit after passing a background check. They can be quite costly to obtain and maintain. The tracks alone cost $6,000 and repairs can cost $50 an hour with more than 2,000 man hours for a full restoration.

That price better include some sweet-ass cup holders.

via Wall Street Journal

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