Pepsi Vending Machine In DC Was Rigged To Sell Malt Liquor To Kids

In the “why didn’t I think of that department,” police in Washington, DC recently discovered an old Pepsi vending machine that had been illegally rigged to sell malt liquor to minors.

How did they know it was for minors? Well, at $3 a pop, those of legal purchasing age would save money by just buying malt liquor from the store. Though can you really put a price on such amazing convenience?

According to DCist, “The Pepsi machine was in front of a 4-unit apartment and of course no one claimed responsibility for it.”

How can no one claim responsibility for such a genius plan? This is just one more example of the government getting in the way of small entrepreneurs.

Only in DC. For multiple reasons.

via Foodbeast / image from DCist

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