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Just Photos Of Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un Hanging Out At A Basketball Game In North Korea [PHOTOS]


Earlier this week, news broke the basketball “legend” (you know why the quotes are there) Dennis Rodman was taking a trip to North Korea.

As bizarre as that sounds, nothing prepared me to see these photos that Vice published today showing Dennis and Kim Jong-un just hanging out, being pals, watching a North Korean basketball game.

According to Vice, “Following the game, Rodman gave a stirring speech that extended an olive branch to the Hermit Kingdom. The VICE crew is currently having a reception at the Supreme Leader’s house, and Duffy has invited Kim Jung-un to America for a tour of the VICE offices.”

So there you have it: our diplomacy with North Korea is in the hands of Dennis Rodman and Vice.

Not sure if that will encourage them to stop testing atomic bombs or cause them to ramp up the pace.

all images via Vice

COED Writer