Youth Hockey Coach Gets 15 Days In Jail For Tripping A 13-Year-Old

You may have seen the video above. It hit the web last summer. It shows 48-year-old Martin Tremblay tripping a 13-year-old youth hockey player… during the post-game handshakes no less — the part of the game included to teach sportsmanship.

Laugh as we might at the incident, the kid broke his wrist and the incident resulted in legal action.

The sentence came yesterday. According to CBC News in British Columbia (where the trip occurred), Tremblay will receiveĀ 15 days in jail and 12 months of probation.

Hopefully, he can find it within himself not to gutlessly trip any other teenagers during his year long probationary period.

I’m sure it’ll be tough.

via HyperVocal

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