Woman Spends 12 Months Building Hogwarts Replica With 400,000 LEGOS [PHOTOS]

I’ve had some terrible hobbies. I once collected signs from homeless people. I am super into playing the claw game and have a pile of plush toys to prove it. I was even a LEGO addict… when I was a little kid.

But here we have a grown woman, Alice Finch, who has built the complete Hogwarts — both outside AND inside! — out 400,000 LEGO bricks, dedicating 12 months of her life over a 16 month span.

Was it worth it? Well, according to her interview, she won Best in Show at BrickCon last October… so does it seem like it was worth it!?!!

If you’re into this kind of thing, the interview she gave over at The Brother Brick is extremely interesting, discussing the dedication and insanity it takes to create such a project.

Or you can just look at the pretty pictures below.

via Geekologie / images via The Brother Brick

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