Meet The Marijuana Cannon That Was Firing Packets Of Pot Across The Mexican Border

Edison, Einstein, Jobs… all these men were idiots compared to the man who invented the border fence-circumventing “marijuana cannon.”

The homemade cannon, constructed from a plastic pipe, a metal tank and a car engine, was confiscated last week in the Mexican border town of Mexicali.

According to Gawker, the cannon, which was allegedly firing packets of marijuana into California, “was capable of hurling pot-packed cylinders weighing as much as 30 pounds, according to the police report.”

Seems like a lot of work when you can just walk into a dispensary and buy pot that wasn’t shot out of a cannon.

Or maybe cannon weed just gets you super higher!

via Gawker

Joe DeRosa’s Never Believeā€¦ In Not Drinking
Joe DeRosa’s Never Believeā€¦ In Not Drinking
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