15 NCAA Bubble Teams You Shouldn’t Care About Because They Always Suck In March

It’s that time of year again: pre-March Madness. 68 teams are going to make the most exciting sporting event of the year, but only 31 get automatic bids, leaving 37 at-large teams to play their way in with their resume.

Of those at-large contenders, many have nothing to worry about. Indiana is going to make it into the NCAA Tournament despite last night’s loss to Minnesota. They’ll even make it in if they don’t capture the Big Ten’s automatic bid: they’ve had that good of a season.

And the things is, Indiana should be in the tournament. They are a perennial March Madness contender. They’re always a danger to make a run.

Other teams aren’t so lucky. Their 2012-2013 season has had ups and downs and now they find themselves on the dreaded “bubble.”

And that’s fine. Not every team can be a #1 seed.

What isn’t fine, however, are those teams that every year seem to spend all season fighting for a tournament spot only to repeatedly suck when it comes to proving they deserved to make it into March.

We hunted down the teams that are currently on bubble watch lists, but who aren’t worth watching at all because they never actually do anything come tournament time.

These are the teams that make us say, “Who cares if they make the NCAA Tournament? It’s not like they’re going to win it all!”

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