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It’s Time To Spy On Jessica Chastain [PHOTOS]


What can we say? She gives us a zero dark thirty.

If she were just a regular woman, Jessica Chastain would still be smokin’ hot. But the fact that she’s a great actress takes her hotness to the next level in two different ways. First off, she gets more money to take care of herself and look awesome even in high def. Second, her range allows her to play extremely different characters, thus we get a whole slew of role play fantasies about her that wouldn’t be as strong with a crappy actress (we’re looking at you Jessica Alba.)

If you’ve already gotten your fix of Chastain as a southern racist bitch and plain Jane housewife, but you haven’t seen her badass spy role in “Zero Dark Thirty,” get your ass to the movie theater before she swipes the Oscar for Best Actress tonight at the Academy Awards.

  • COED Writer