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That’s Not How You Ship Things! [PHOTOS]


Popular today on Reddit, a post titled, “My friend ordered a broom online, this is how they shipped it.” As you can see in the lead image above (and even better in the gallery below), the broom was shipped handle out.

It’s a perplexing way to send an item, but anyone who’s spent any time on the Internet, or in the real world ordering from places like Amazon, knows that shipping is rarely handled with efficiency and grace these days.

In fact, it’s almost shocking this company decided not to ship the broom in a giant box as long as the handle and about 20 times as wide, filled to the brim with plastic air cushions.

We dug out 30 examples of terrible shipping below. If you don’t feel like looking online, you can order the set as printed photos and we’ll mail them to you in a refrigerator box…

  • COED Writer