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Don’t Drool at The ‘Watch_Dogs’ Open World Gameplay Trailer Or You’ll Short Out Your Keyboard [VIDEO]


Ubisoft’s premiere of Watch_Dogs at the 2012 E3 Conference in Los Angeles turned a lot of heads so fast that the collective sound of neck cracking could be heard from space. It’s an impressive sandbox game that turns the technological revolution into a weapon more destructive than a celebrity sex tape leaked onto RedTube.

The fans have been clamoring for the smallest leaks and details about this deep and complex open world. Today, they got a big hunk of awesome on the heels of Sony’s first official PS4 announcement. Ubisoft just released some more gameplay footage of their open world extravaganza.

The footage showed off some of the felonies and FCC violations they will be able to make when the game hits the shelves sometime in the Fall. As players navigate the unseen underbelly of the Chicago landscape, they can hack into people’s bank accounts and ATM machines, activate traffic stoppers to thwart enemies and the cops, and even control trains to aid your various escapes. And just like other previews of the game, they leave us hanging with an ominous hint about some unseen enemy that is always watching. Try not to think about that when you’re trying to go to sleep.

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