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World Cup 2014 Will Utilize Goal Line Technology


FIFA President Sepp Blatter has given the green light to goal line technology for the 2014 World Cup, meaning that it will no longer be the duty of the referees to determine whether or not the ball has actually crossed the line.

This is a first for the World Cup and one of the first examples of technology being used to better the game of soccer.

According to the Sepp, the only thing left to be determined is which of two systems will be used. While both “Goalref” and “Hawkeye” provide concrete evidence that a goal has been scored, Hawkeye uses cameras and Goalref uses magnetic sensors.

While soccer purists are likely to be up in arms about the announcement, one group of people that should be the happiest are the refs. Come the 2014 World Cup, fans are already going to be angry enough at some of the zebras’ decisions. Anything that can be taken off their plate is a good thing.

via Gizmodo

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