‘The COED Burger’: See The Recipe For The Highest Class Low-Class Burger Ever Conceived

On February 22nd, the Amstel Light Burger Bash will be held at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

To celebrate this event, Paul Malvone — chef and co-founder of Boston Burger Company, who will be cooking up burgers at said bash — agreed to design a special “COED Burger” created in our own image.

Since we pride ourselves on trying to present everything men need, whether it be high-minded or low brow, we asked if Chef Paul could put together a hamburger that included both fine dining and bargain shopper ingredients.

The final result: a burger topped with shaved Parmesan truffle fries and smothered in Velveeta “cheese.” Think of it as a $20 burger that tastes like you just drunkenly pulled it out of your microwave.

See the complete recipe below and thanks to Amstel Light — “The Official Beer of the Burger” — for making it happen.

The COED Burger

A half pound burger with sautéed onions brazed with Amstel Light,
covered in Velveeta and topped with shaved Parmesan truffle fries


• 4 Buns of your choice
• 2 lbs of ground beef 80/20 (preferably certified Angus)
• 2 medium to large onions
• 2 bottles of Amstel Light
• 1 package of Velveeta
• 1 bottle Lawry seasoning salt
• 1 6oz block of Parmesan cheese
• 1 bottle truffle oil
• 2 potatoes (or 1 bag of frozen French fries)
• 1 stick of butter
• 1 bottle of canola oil
• Salt and pepper


• Mix 2 lbs of ground beef with about 1½ ounces of Lawry seasoning salt
• Make 4 burgers with either a press or by hand at 8 ounces each
• Cut onions in half, and then thinly sliced
• If using fresh potatoes, cut potatoes thin at about 3/8″ per slice. Place in cold water.


• Onions:

• Precook your onions in a frying pan using about ½ stick butter, and salt & pepper to taste.
• When the butter melts and coats the onions as they fry, pour in Amstel Light beer. Pour in just enough Amstel Light to coat the bottom of the pan and the onions. Do NOT submerse them this will just boil them.
• Cook until the onions are translucent, browning and caramelized.

• Fries:

• Pour canola oil into a pan and bring the temperature to 350˚.
• Submerse the fries (dry them off first if using the fresh cut) in the oil.
• Cook until golden brown.

• Burger:

• Grill or fry your burger until it is cooked to your liking.
• Recommended: medium (pink in the middle)

Final Instructions:

• When Burger is just about cooked, top it off with the onions and put a generous portion of melted Velveeta on it! Ultimately, the burger should be oozing with cheese. Place it on your bottom bun.
• Mix the fries in a bowl with a drizzle of truffle oil and as much shaved or shredded Parmesan as you like. Salt and pepper to taste.
• Now place the fries on top of the burger so you have layered the fries on top of the melted cheese which is covering the onions!
• Enjoy!

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