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Guy Drinks 20 Year Old Crystal Pepsi He Bought On eBay, Pukes [VIDEO]


Sure this video feels like a rip-off of our old buddy Shoenice. This guy (“L.A. Beast” he calls himself) even uses similar on camera affectations, which is strange. Not everyone who chugs things on YouTube has to have a glazed over look and slow speech patterns.

But, regardless, give him credit for finding an old bottle of Crystal Pepsi on eBay and sending it down. Those things aren’t cheap. I found a similar bottle up for auction going for $70.

What’d he get for his $70 investment? A face full of puke.

It’s not necessarily that the Crystal Pepsi had gone bad: that’s the same way people reacted after drinking Crystal Pepsi back in 1993.

Why you think they took it off the market??

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