R.I.P. Lanier Greig, Keyboardist From ZZ Top [VIDEO]


Anybody who was in ZZ Top, even if it was just for a year, is cooler than we’ll ever be.

Lanier Greig is case in point. Dude wasn’t in the band for “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” or even “Burger Man,” but he was on their song “Salt Lick,” which is still pretty awesome. We get it, he wasn’t right for the band, just like Les Claypool wasn’t right for Metallica as a bassist. Wrong vibe.

But we know that ZZ Top will miss Lanier, who died at 64, old for a rocker but young for a civilian, and if he was a good man, he’s on his way to a heaven not unlike the world of the “Burger Man” video above: classic cars, ’50s-style fast food, and some buxom American honeys serving him hand and foot.

via 29-95

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