Drunken A–hole In London Really Takes Rihanna Down A Peg Or Two [PHOTO]


You know when your sister gets beat on by her boyfriend, breaks up with him then gets back together with him, you get so mad that you beat her up? You know, to teach her a lesson? No, you don’t know, because you’re not from some weird tribe in Turkmenistan that blames women for everything the way Medieval Europeans blamed the Jews. In America, when a woman gets back with her abusive boyfriend, we de-friend her, or at least make disapproving faces and condescend to her and her boyfriend and never invite them to anything. But we don’t frickin’ hit her.

Some dude in London didn’t get the memo. Rihanna was leaving a London nightclub last night when this dude chucked a bottle of Lucozade, some dumb British sports drink, at her. And he missed. But she freaked out, her security freaked out, and everyone else around her did, so there was chaos and she ended up scraping her leg open. Rihanna probably has PTSD from when Chris Brown attacked her, and this attack probably triggered some nasty s–t for her. But it definitely taught her a lesson about dating Chris Brown again. The lesson might be: you shouldn’t get back together with an abusive boyfriend, and also, every other man in the world thinks they have the right to attack you as well.

British people are dumb.

via Daily News

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