Drink Up: Today’s The 80th Anniversary Of The End Of Prohibition [PHOTOS]

80 years ago today, the U.S. ended one of its lamest policies of all time.

For 13-ish years, Americans weren’t allowed to drink legally, which gave birth to modern organized crime, and indirectly, guidos. That’s right, Al Capone’s grandchildren probably lived in Pauly D and The Situation’s hometown, so these douchebags have a tough mobster to worship. Without Prohibition, Al Capone would just have been another wannabe hack.

There were good reasons to get rid of alcohol at the time. Dudes used to get s–tcanned at the pub, go home and beat on their wife and kids. Nobody officially bothered to stop them, so eventually women got together and promoted an alcohol ban as an end run around trying to enact or enforce domestic violence legislation. But now we have that kind of legislation and women have more opportunity to get back at any piece of human garbage who’d punch her. Thus, no one really dreams of banning alcohol now, and we laugh at Prohibition, although potheads tend not to as they’re currently fighting against a much longer standing ban on weed.

In honor of the end of Prohibition, here’s some of our favorite of that weird, weird time.

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