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In Honor Of The NBA All-Star Game, Here’s 10 Of Our Favorite Lebron James Memes [PHOTOS]


Lebron James made the NBA All-Star Game this year. As he has for the past 8 seasons, too. As he will for the next 32 seasons, provided he’s still rich enough in 2017 to afford the Fountain of Youth medicine that will be invented then. Because he’s a staple in the All-Star Game, as well as the playoffs, MVP contention, the Olympics, and advertisements, he has his share of haters. And they know how to use Photoshop, albeit some of them quite poorly. These haters tend to go on Photoshop and make memes parodying Lebron (and before he won a championship, they parodied his lack of rings.)

Here’s ten of our favorite Lebron memes from the past and present.

  • COED Writer