Taco Bell Adds Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos — Another Three Sizes To Nation’s Waistline

If you thought America couldn’t get any bigger, just wait until they discover what Taco Bell is adding to their menu. We might have to start reinforcing the country just to keep from falling into the ocean.

Taco Bell announced they are adding the item to their menu as a predecessor to the Nacho-Cheese Doritos Locos Taco that sold more than 350 million taco in 2012.

It’s also far from the last new Doritos flavor that’s going to be released between the chip maker and the fast food company. Taco Bell plans to release a “Doritos Flamas” taco sometime later this year. Doritos also plans to release a new line of Taco Bell-flavored chips

If you don’t know how to swim or own a boat, now might be a good time to start preparing.

via USA Today

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