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40 Things The Internet Should Give Up For Lent (But Probably Won’t)


The Internet doesn’t celebrate Lent, but maybe it’s time that it did.

Here are just 40 examples of things everyone could do without seeing or reading about for at least 40 days, in no particular order.

1. Lindsay Lohan

2. Those “Harlem Shake” Videos

3. Chris Brown

4. The “Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces” Meme

5. Naked Lena Dunham

6. Trick Shot Videos

7. E-Cards

8. Will Ferrell

9. Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists

10. Lil Wayne’s attempts to skateboard (although anythings better than his recent rhymes)

11. Anything Cat-related

12. Trap Music (before it gets ruined)

13. Worldstar HipHop (even though I just linked to them for that Wayne shit)

14. 9Gag

15. Thirsting for girls via Instagram

16. Fake Girlfriends

17. List Posts

18. Selling tickets to shows and festivals that haven’t yet announced any performers (every EDM show ever)

19. Calling Kate Upton “Fat” [photo copyright: Sports Illustrated]

20. 30-second ads on 10 second videos

21. Uploading photos of ashes on your head

22. Massive GIF posts that take an hour to load

23. Donald Trump

24. Community

25. The New Myspace (wait, that probably will happen)

26. Half-Life 3 announcements

27. Announcements of what you’re giving up for lent

28. Zooey Deschanel

29. Reposting something you saw on Facebook

30. Tumblr

31. Referencing reddit’s /GoneWild when trying to talk about the “bad places” of the internet

32. Ryan Gosling

33. Anything GoDaddy-related

34. Image macros that aren’t in any way related to “Yes, This Is Dog

35. Minecraft

36. Mashup videos

37. Photos of the food you’re about to eat

38. Lying

39. Selfies

40. Complaining that “NSFW” links are NSFW

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