Introducing The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookies: Class of 2013 [PHOTOS]

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been dropping reveal after reveal this past weekend, all of which is leading up to The Late Show With David Letterman tonight. First the editors announced that Kate Upton was going to be on the cover, then shortly thereafter they revealed who this year’s five rookies would be: Natasha Barnard, Emily Didonato, Hannah Davis, Kate Bock, and Katherine Web.

The internet already knew about Hannah and Natasha but the addition of Emily and Kate have understandably gotten a lot of people stirred into a frenzy. Here’s why:

Kate Bock

Age: 23 | Country: Canada | Previous Work: Victoria’s Secret | Twitter: @Kate_Bock

The last time we were talking about Kate Bock was when we told you she was the next Victoria’s Secret model to watch for. It seems like we hit the nail on the head again. Unfortunately, not a whole lot more is available on this Canadian beauty… yet.

Emily Didonato

Age: 21| Country: USA | Previous Work: Guess?, Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren | Twitter: @EmilyDidonato

Born and raised in Orange County, NY, Emily started modeling only after a family friend suggested she try it out. The result? Only months after she graduated HS, Emily had been signed as the newest face of Maybelline. Landing work since then has been a breeze for Vogue Germany’s 2009 winner of “top newcomer.”

Natasha Barnard

Age: 25 | Country: South Africa | Previous Work: Wonderbra, 2012 SI Swimsuit Issue (SA Edition) | Twitter: @Tash_TashB

Natasha was one of the 2013 rookies who was first announced. And while technically the beautiful South African appeared in the South African edition of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this is still considered her rookie year.

Hannah Davis

Age: 22 | Country: USA | Previous Work: DirectTV, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret | Twitter: @Hanni_Davis

Seeing as how her photo is already confirmed to be on the 2013 cover, Hannah seems to be an early favorite for Rookie of the Year 2013.

Katherine Webb

Age: 23 | Country: USA | Previous Work: XX | Twitter: @_KatherineWebb

Katherine Webb wins the “Wow We Should Probably Include This Girl At The Last Minute Because America Seems To Love Her” award. After an immediate rise to fame after the BCS Championship game, it was confirmed that Katherine Webb would be appearing in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. How much we still don’t know.

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