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Saturday Night Music Fight [February 9th, 2013]


Mike likes 70s music. Wyatt has more modern tastes. Both of these COED editors think they have what it takes to kick off your Saturday night.

Check out their picks and then vote for your favorite below.

Mike’s Pick

Here’s what Wyatt wrote about my pick. I think it’s pretty accurate so I’m going to leave it: “I have a raging boner for Oscar the Grouch because homeless people are my jam.”

Wyatt’s Pick

If you’re even remotely thinking about getting wild this weekend, you’re going to want to put this song on. Right the fuck now. It also doubles as a great litmus test for which of your friends surf the web as much as we do. By now I’m assuming that you know all about the Harlem Shake dance and the appropriate dancing/seizuring that accompanies it. Get busy son.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Wyatt is a Gettysburg College graduate and NYC native who is flattered that you're interested about reading up on him.