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Despite Snowstorm, People Still Waited For Tickets To See Bieber On SNL [VIDEO]


For some reason, people will risk their lives to be in the same room as Justin Bieber.

And we’re not talking about potential suicide bombers for Al Queda, either. That would make sense. We’re talking about teenage girls – and probably their hapless parents – who waited out in the cold to get tickets to see the Biebs host “Saturday Night Live” tonight. In the middle of a historic f–king snowstorm. We wouldn’t be the first to compare teenage girls to jihadists, by the way.

SNL’s cool. The ironic factor of seeing Bieber on SNL might be fun. But any rational person would be fine with receiving the mild enjoyment of such an event from the comfort of their heated shelter. To our readers in the south and west, you probably don’t even understand why we’d live in a place with snow. That’s how we feel about these girls who waited for the tickets.

  • COED Writer