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‘Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things’ Is The Zen Tumblr You’ve Been Looking For [14 PHOTOS]


The concept is simple. In fact, it’s the title of the Tumblr: Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things.

It’s the kind of moment we’ve all experienced: when you realize that tuna can lid has slipped into the sink drain and can’t be removed with your fingers, or when you realize that gerbil fits perfectly in your anus. Sometimes, things just fit exactly where you wouldn’t expect them to.

And Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things complies those moments. They even recreated my tuna can lid moment with the top to a yogurt (as seen above).

See more examples in our gallery below and then see them all by visiting the Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things Tumblr. (SFW. No pics of gerbils fitting perfectly in anuses.)

via Laughing Squid

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