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The Harlem Shake v3: Office Edition [VIDEO]


What the hell is the Harlem Shake?

Wikipedia has a definition. It says it’s “a dance that started in 1981 [and] has its history from an North-East African or Ethiopian dance called ‘Eskista’ and was allegedly started in Harlem by a man named Al B.”

And for some reason, it’s recently become a series of bizarre Internet dance videos.

Know Your Meme, which tends to know more about this stuff than Wikipedia does, says it’s “a series of satirical videos parodying the Harlem Shake dance, set to the tune of New-York based musician Baauer’s song ‘Harlem Shake’” and may have its origins here.

Harlem Shake v2 went viral earlier this week and now has over 500,000.

Thus, here we are. Another bizarre Harlem Shake video — this time in an office.

It’s the new lip-dub, people! Get your college or military troop on the Harlem Shake bandwagon before the views all dry up!

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