The Nina Agdal’s Carl’s Junior/Hardee’s Super Bowl Commercial That Didn’t Air In The Northeast

If you’re wondering where that highly-anticipated Nina Agdal Carl’s Junior/Hardee’s Super Bowl commercial went, there’s a good chance you watched the big game in the Northeast. See, the fast food chain doesn’t have any locations in New York, New Jersey, or New England so they didn’t air the commercial up here.

Well the good news is that CJ/H (I shouldn’t have to explain what that’s short for) isn’t going to let that large sum of money they spent on the Sports Illustrated model go to waste — so of course they uploaded the¬†commercial¬†and some photos to the web. Just like they’ve done with their previous spokesmodels (Kate Upton, Sara Jean Underwood, etc.)

“Sun Tan” as the commercial is called, tells an intricate love story of a beautiful Danish model and a fish sandwich that isn’t fried and has less than 500 calories.

And at least when you watch it here you don’t have a bar full of people gawking and making inappropriate comments about her choice of bathing suit (or lack thereof).

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