Get Caught Up With ‘Project: S.E.R.A.,’ IGN’s New Original Sc-Fi Web Series [VIDEOS]

I don’t know about you, but the phrase “web series” doesn’t inspire much confidence in me to expect things like quality or enjoyment. Which may explain why IGN has shunned the phrase for their latest “digital series,” Project: S.E.R.A.

The six-episode sci-fi experience debuted on IGN’s START YouTube channel on January 30th.

Despite appearing on the smallest of small screens, each act aims to be cinematic in scope as is evidenced by the latest installment’s 1 minute, 10 second Matrix-esque opening shot.

We’ve embedded that episode (Episode 4) above so you can see what we’re talking about, but if you want to catch up, Episode 1 is probably the best place to start.

New episodes will continue to come out on the next two Wednesdays.

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